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Look! We made that!

- Corbans Estate is the backdrop to another Little Feat classic -

Dummycron (2023)  

Rick is sick. He goes to see the doctor on his own because he wants to be independent. But Rick misunderstands the doctor and mistakenly thinks he’s got a serious disease. A series of tongue in cheek encounters thread together this nightmarish comedy about fears surrounding our health and wellbeing. 

Tales From The Script (2021)  
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This film is a result of a 3 day workshop in July that was produced by Interacting Theatre. The idea for the film was created on the first day and includes input and ideas from all involved.  

The final film was in the top five of the judges selections at the Focus On Ability film festival 

Builders Crack (2021)
Builders Thumbnail.jpg

This project is a good example of community led filmmaking. Everyone got stuck in and played major roles. 


It was produced by Flock in association with the Salvation Army Supportive Housing in Epsom, Auckland. 


No one had ever worked on a film before and the participants took part in all aspects of the filmmaking, from storytelling to camera and sound. 

This was the second project I've done at the Lodge. Check out the first one called Cooked Goose at

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